Public Address System

The PA system consists of equipment such as
microphones, power amplifiers, speakers, and
distributors for public purpose broadcasting in
all or selected areas, and provides emergency
broadcasting and notification broadcasting
functions including fire broadcasting.

NTEC System

New system that can be controlled by network

Karak Electronics' NTEC system is a new broadcasting system designed to suit each purpose in various buildings such as apartments, complex buildings, manufacturing facilities, and educational facilities based on the nation's best technology accumulated over 40 years.

This system meets the fire safety standard (NFSC202) of the emergency broadcasting system through interlocking with the fire receiver and protection of line short circuits, and multiple broadcasting is possible by reflecting the audio matrix structure.

In addition, it is possible to configure a centralized configuration through serial communication and a local area RX/TX distributed system through PLC (Power Line Communication). For user convenience, the web browser control method provides an environment that can be easily used not only in the management room but also remotely according to the user's needs.