11New Product : Monitoring speaker development in progress (Motive - MV4, wired/wireless)
09New Product : NTEC short/open monitoring relay group (NRT40, NRT25, NRT16)
08New Product : NTEC short/open monitoring and manual control relay group (NRG16M)
07New Product : Development of PLC modules to improve communication speed and stability
06New Product : NTEC system renewal (NRT40, NEI42, NDM16)


12New Product : NTEC (Novel Sound Technology) web control based PA system extension development
08New Product : NTEC Audio Matrix (NAM12)
07New Product : NTEC system renewal (NCS01, NRG16, NRT16)
03Designated as an excellent product by the Public Procurement Service: Smart broadcasting system with high-efficiency sound technology (designation number: 2022025)
01Designated as an overseas procurement market entry company (G-PASS)


12New Product : High-efficiency amplifier (PRODIGI500Q : 1H, 2000W, eff 93%)
08New Product : High-efficiency amplifier (PRODIGI300Q : 1H, 1200W, eff 93%)
06Start Development : Upgrade version of NTEC(PA system based on web control)
03Green technology certification : High-efficiency power amplifier technology (1H, 3000W, eff 93%)
03Green technology product : Power amplifier for public address (1H, 3000W, eff 93%) 


08Patent registration : Broadcasting output system and method
Good Software certification (1st class) : Smart remote control broadcasting system V1.0
05Patent registration  : High-efficiency amplifier with integrated power supply and amplification part
New Product : High-efficiency amplifier (PRODIGI750Q : 1H, 3000W, eff 93%)
03Copyright registration : NUFI(NTEC User Friendly Interface)
New Product : NTEC(Novel sound Technology), PA system based on web control
01Patent registration : Short circuit proctor, Line short Protector


09Patent registration : Overcurrent protection device for audio
New Product : Module to protect the amplifier from short circuit in real time
07Selected as a small hidden champion in Bucheon in 2019
New Product : Amplifier that maximizes efficiency and stability (PRODIGI series : 1H, eff 87%)
01Selected as a small hidden champion by the Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2019


New Product : RX equipment with a function of short circuit protector (KSC-SCP32D)
New Product : Two types of short circuit protector (SCP16R, SCP16W)
03Patent registration : Real-time sound quality correction apparatus and method in audio device
01Patent registration : Multi-channel simultaneous short circuit protector and control method